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NEW Dutch India Rexroth R900909246 Two-Way Cartridge Valve w/o Control Cover, LC 25 B05E7X/

Place of Origin Business Industrial
Certification follow your demand
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price $135.00
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    Small Photo Small Photo Small Photo Small Photo Small Photo Small Photo Small Photo Small Photo Small Photo Small Photo Buy It Now Price150.00BrandRexrothModelType LCPart #mm2/sProductID23777 Warehouse s100-59 rgDescription

    This listing is for a 2-way cartridge valve without control cover, LC 25 B05E7X/; BRAND/NAME: Rexroth; MODEL/PART #: R900909246; DESCRIPTION: 2-Way Cartridge Valve w/o Control Cover (LC 25 B05E7X/), size 25, A1 : A2 = 14.3 : 1 (A2 = 7%) spool design, cracking pressure approx. 0.5 bar, valve poppet without damping nose, component series 70 to 79 (70 to 79: unchanged installation and connection dimensions), NBR seals, may be missing some original packaging, may have minor shelf wear, appears to be unused old stock, more than one identical item (may not get one pictured, but one identical). s100-59 rg AMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -30 to 60 Degrees C MAXIMUM OPERATING PRESSURE: 420 bar HYDRAULIC FLUID TEMPERATURE RANGE: -30 to 80 Degrees C VISCOSITY RANGE: 2.8 to 500 mm2/s

    Disclaimer The item offered here is in no way recommended or certified for any specific use. By purchasing this item you agree that the seller shall not be held responsible or liable for any injuries or damages, whether incidental or consequential, associated in any way with this item. By purchasing or bidding on this equipment you are indicating your acknowledgement of and agreement to the terms of this disclaimer.

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